PS CLEMENTINE PRO 1.8 - Raportowanie jest proste
PS CLEMENTINE PRO 1.8 is a modern data mining and big data analysis environment. It is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the requirements of an organization and easily integrates predictive analytics into business processes and systems.
As a result of continuous product development PS CLEMENTINE PRO 1.8 includes several new features and includes the latest version of the predictive analytics engine, IBM SPSS Modeler 18.

PS Desktop

- From version 1.8 onwards PS DESKTOP replaces PS CLEMENTINE Desktop

- PS Desktop integrates PS CLEMENTINE PRO with other Predictive Solution’s products and serves as a common interface for managing them.

- Access to PS CLEMENTINE Database and other functionalities (e.g. analytic stream deployment and retrieval; creating and scheduling of automated jobs) are now transferred to PS Desktop.

New version of predictive analytics engine –

Time Series
– The new node is similar to the Time Series node that was available in previous releases, but it runs with either embedded or remote IBM SPSS Analytic Server to process big data and display the resulting model in the output viewer. A new Streaming Time Series node that is based on the new Time Series node is also available.

Extensions Hub
– A new Extensions Hub has been added to the IBM SPSS Modeler menu. The Extensions Hub is an interface for searching, downloading, and installing extensions from the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics collection on GitHub.

Python Spark for Modeler Server
– programming language with which custom extensions for IBM SPSS Modeler can be created. Now supports both IBM SPSS Analytic Server and IBM SPSS Modeler Server.

Custom Dialog Builder
– in version 18 custom dialogs support both procedures written in R and Python. Moreover, many improvements have been made and enhancements have been added to Custom Dialog Builder, such as color picker, date control and table control.


About Predictive Solutions

Predictive Solutions (formerly known as SPSS Polska) has been providing solutions for extracting information from data for 25 years. It offers knowledge and experience together with software and comprehensive solutions for efficient data analysis in business, public administration, research and education.

The solutions use IBM SPSS technologies, whose main distributor in Poland, since 1991, is Predictive Solutions. Dedicated solutions for selected business areas: anti-money laundering (PS AML), customer relationship management (PS ACRM), fraud prevention (PS FRAUD) and others were created based on these technologies. The company also provides original solutions, such as: comprehensive analysis and reporting solutions (PS IMAGO PRO) and case management system (PS SYMOBIS).

From statistics and reporting, to data mining and predictive software, Predictive Solutions helps you use your data to look into the future and make the best decisions.

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