PS CLEMENTINE PRO 2.0 - Raportowanie jest proste
PS CLEMENTINE PRO 2.0 is a modern data mining and big data analysis environment. It is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the requirements of an organization and easily integrates predictive analytics into business processes and systems.
As a result of continuous product development PS CLEMENTINE PRO 2.0 includes several new features and includes the latest version of the predictive analytics engine, IBM SPSS Modeler 18.

New engine – IBM SPSS Modeler 18.1.1

Newly added Python and Spark palettes – contains nodes allowing for use of algorithms originally expressed in Python and Spark languages:
  o SMOTE an advanced method of data balancing, executes the over-sampling algorithm (Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique — generating synthetic samples from the minority class)
  o XGBoost/ XGBoost-AS tree – an advanced implementation of the gradient enhancement algorithm, using the random tree model as a base model.
  o Linear XGBoost - an advanced implementation of the gradient enhancement algorithm, using the linear model as a base model.
  o one-class SVM - uses the unsupervised learning algorithm. This node may be used to detect novelties. It will detect the soft limit of the given sample set, and then classify new points as contained in the set or not.
Distribution of the Python and R environment. Automation of system operations using scripts in Python language, without the necessity of installing the Python environment, as well as importing and exporting of data using R and Python for Spark languages.
Improved cooperation with Microsoft Office. It is now possible to copy charts as graphic objects of the Microsoft Office suite. Charts supporting this format may be copied to Microsoft Office applications and edited as own charts.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO 2.0… and more

Additional nodes in IBM SPSS Modeler:

PS File List allows to simultaneously upload and combine several flat files with the same structure.
PS Variable Names allows to quickly and easily modify several variable names at the same time.

Repository teamwork:

Access authentication user repository login functionality. They may be added manually or using the catalog service list - Active Directory, which allows to uniformly represent employees in the company systems and control the access to the repository.
Teamwork: possibility of working in groups and to manage the work inside the repository. Users are granted individual access rights and authorization to edit repository items, in accordance with their function. Moreover, it is possible to create roles and user groups.

New automation functionalities

new types of automatic triggering of analytical processes depending on occurrence of specific events:
o  appearance of a file in a specific directory (the File Monitor task)
o  incoming signal from an external system (through web services, Web Service task).
e-mail notifications concerning task performance status sent automatically to specific persons. Such notifications contain information concerning task performance status (success or failure) and performance details

Management of repository resources

Labeling of versions of stored items – versioning of items has been enhanced by an additional function – labeling – allowing to identify versions of items in a task in an unambiguous manner. Available labels inform if a given version is intended for implementation (Production), testing (Test), or if it is a version intended for further improvement (Important).
Import and export of folders – importing and exporting single repository items has been enhanced by a possibility to move folder content (including subfolders and maintaining the structure).

Functional improvements

Improvements concerning e.g. integration of repository with the IBM SPSS Modeler, function allowing to search items in the repository, operating application mechanism triggering analytical processes, context menu, and the appearance of the application.


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The solutions use IBM SPSS technologies, whose main distributor in Poland, since 1991, is Predictive Solutions. Dedicated solutions for selected business areas: anti-money laundering (PS AML), customer relationship management (PS ACRM), fraud prevention (PS FRAUD) and others were created based on these technologies. The company also provides original solutions, such as: comprehensive analysis and reporting solutions (PS IMAGO PRO) and case management system (PS SYMOBIS).

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